Hydraulic leveling equipment for ceiling supports | HRV

Task Definition

The equipment has the task to pull out crimped inner pipes, to straighten bent props and to straighten out dents in outer pipes.

Props from different manufacturers and of different makes can be processed.

All processing takes place hydraulically.


Function / Equipment

  • Loosening of jammed inner tubes Props with dings in the foot area are clamped and the jammed inner tube is loosened hydraulically.

  • Aligning of bent props Via a hydraulically operated prism stamp the bent prop is pressed downwards until it is aligned again.

  • Planishing of dings The prop is manually moved with its foot area over a lance up to the ding. A hydraulically operated stamp stretches the ding from inside. In case of larger or several dings the process can be repeated as often as required.

  • Remark For technical details or to check a special prop type, please, ask for a detailed offer!
  • Technical data

    • 5,500 mm (ength of the external tube)
    • 38 - 60 mm
    • 64 - 93 mm

    • 4.70 x 0.80 x 1.30 m
    • ca. 500 mm (from outer edge base plate)
    • 0.90 m
    • 1 x 400 V 3 KW

    • Traffic red
    • Props
    • Length prop, max.
    • Hole diameter base plate
    • Inner diameter external tube

    • Aligning device
    • Dimensions (length x width x height) approx.
    • Stretching depth, max.
    • Working height approx.
    • Connection for power supply

    • Colour
    • Frame – RAL 3020