Automatic drilling and riveting machine for formwork facing assembly (fully automated execution)

Task Definition

The equipment has the task of drilling holes in the formwork facing and element frames to be mounted and then to rivet them.

Processing takes place by selecting a preprogrammed element implementation formula.

The equipment can be used both in the production of new formwork as well as in the renovation of formwork.

Performance: Element 300 x 120 cm:
3.60 m² x 40 Sec. = 4.80 Min. *
Element 300 x 45 cm:
1.35 m² x 40 Sec. = 1.80 Min. *

* Values below 40 sec./m² possible
depending on equipment!

Function / Equipment

  • Fully automatic drilling and countersinking of small rivet holes and setting of the rivets
  • Simple operation through selection of elements by means of formula lists