Robot welding plants and devices for wall framework (medium to larger batches)

Task Definition

These robot welding plants serve to produce element frames and formwork accessories (medium-sized to larger charges). They consist of two welding devices and – depending on the size of the component to be produced – one or two robots.

Both steel and aluminium frames can be welded.

Performance: More than 50% saving of time compared to manual welding!
Possible parts to be produced: Element frames, column formwork, etc.


Simultaneous welding of element frames in hydraulic devices.

Function / equipment

  • Welding equipments in reverser version (single components of one apparatus are welded by the robot while the other apparatus is being newly assembled by a workman)
  • Possibility to query the existence of all single components
  • Manual and pneumatic clamping of the single components (thus minimized welding distortion)
  • Heavy steel frames can be lifted hydraulically
  • Pre-simulation of welding processes possible

Technical data

  • 3.30 m
  • 2.70 m

  • +/- 0.08
  • 800 mm/min
  • Elements
  • Frame length, max.
  • Frame width, max.

  • Welding robot
  • FANUC Arc System
  • Repetition accuracy
  • Swelding speed

FANUC Robotics

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